How to Start Gaining and Engaging with Social Media Followers

For businesses which have so far omitted to include social media marketing as part of their overall online marketing campaign, it can be difficult to know where to start. With many businesses having thousands, in some cases millions of social media followers already, it can, after all, feel like the social media train has already left the station for all those who aren’t on board already.

However, new businesses and start-ups can still benefit from social media. All they need to do is start to understand how to gain and engage with social media followers themselves.

Why Gaining & Engaging with Social Media Followers is so Important

Gaining and engaging with social media followers is hugely important. This is because once you are engaging with people via social media, they will effectively do your marketing for you. More social media followers if you like, equals more traffic being funneled toward your website and ultimately more sales conversions. The only question is, how do you start acquiring followers in the first place?

Acquiring Followers Through your own Social Media Activity

Contrary to popular belief, social media marketing isn’t just about great content marketing. Yes, you should be creating and syndicating great social media content. However, a great way to also start acquiring followers is to like relevant social media posts yourself. This and to find and follow key social media influencers on places like Twitter.

Of course, this will require some research. However, by liking and following influential Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram users, they, in turn, will follow you. Even better, so too will such people’s existing followers.

Interact with your Followers

The next step is to create an online persona for your business which actively interacts with your new social media followers. This means liking your follower’s tweets, responding to both positive and negative feedback on Facebook, and even doing small things such as adding Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook links to all of your outgoing email and social media correspondences.

Get your Emerging Social Media Followers Excited About your Business

Have you already started to amass a small social media following? If so, that’s fantastic. Just remember, that social media users frequently get bored of just consuming content. In this case, to better engage with and enthuse your audience, try to create interactive competitions and surveys for them to actively participate in.

All that said, the overall key to social media marketing is consistency. This being the case, always keep in mind that to really make the most of social media, you need to post new content regularly, respond to comments as timely as possible, and always look for new influencers to align yourself alongside.

Let Us Point You In The Right Direction (After all, we live up to our name!)

Most businesses know that they probably need some sort of social media profile – maybe a Twitter page for their business. Few people, realize the difference between merely existing on Twitter and truly leveraging the power that social media offers.

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