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How would your business change over the next 12 months if you were surrounded by passionate, committed entrepreneurs like you?

As a smart entrepreneur, you know the value of surrounding yourself with the kind of people who are going to push you to be successful.

To have a community of committed business owners who don’t mess around with “talk” but rather focus on taking action.

Receiving advice and insights that allow you to break through your barriers and get to the next level.

MELBOURNE BUSINESS BOOK CLUB™ is all that and more. As an application-based community, only entrepreneurs who are serious about giving value and helping others grow are allowed inside.

If you’re struggling to generate leads into your business or get your online marketing to work, then this is for you.


You don’t have to be alone in your search for the answers. MELBOURNE BUSINESS BOOK CLUB™ is here to help you succeed.


MELBOURNE BUSINESS BOOK CLUB™ is not just another Facebook “business group”.

We highly curate our content so that you only see value, not endless “buy my stuff” posts from shady characters. Some of the greatest minds in online marketing spend time consistently contributing to the community in MELBOURNE BUSINESS BOOK CLUB™, ensuring that only the most valuable content makes it. That’s why we have an application process; so only the most committed entrepreneurs are allowed in. Are you one of them?


  • You will discover the proven marketing strategies that entrepreneurs just like you are using to get massive results
  • You will be surrounded by a community of other like-minded business owners who are serious about their growth\
  • You get access to exclusive monthly business growth challenges and books for the month
  • You get access to discounts on MELBOURNE BUSINESS BOOK CLUB™ masterclasses & products that are ONLY offered to MELBOURNE BUSINESS BOOK CLUB™ members

MELBOURNE BUSINESS BOOK CLUB™ is a group for you to achieve the real RESULTS you need to scale your business to the next level.