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​How to Build, Scale and Grow Your Very Own 6-Figure Online Business

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Last year, I celebrated my first 6-figure income by taking my family on an epic road trip around Australia (a distance of 13,132 km to be exact), we just kept driving with NO plans and with NOTHING to worry about.

How I did it?

Because I had plenty of time on my hands to spend with my family and to enjoy life, and you know what else?

My business kept running, and didn't stop because I had outsourced most of the work. 

Because of the beauty of a 'Digital Online Business', I had a lot of free time to do virtually anything I wanted with my beautiful wife and daughter.

Epic road trip

A memory of our epic road trip.

We then celebrated my daughters birthday in the process.

My wife was born in Australia but had never seen any of it ... So we jumped into our 4x4 and decided I needed to show her the country.

So, I had the money, the freedom and was spending time with those I care about creating beautiful memories. 

But it wasn't always like this.

3 years ago, ​I had no guaranteed income and I was struggling to provide a decent living for my family. I was working as a kitchen hand in a small restaurant, I was expecting a baby, and my relationship with my wife was at risk.

My wife was gonna leave me If I didn't do anything to change our situation.​

Life was not fun!

I first arrived in Australia in 2011...

I was coming from Zimbabwe (Africa) with nothing but a backpack full of hopes and dreams.

I was ALL alone and had NO friends, or people that knew me. (that was really painful). I just wanted to belong, and to be accepted. And I figured that having a unique talent or expertise would probably help make my life easier. But I had no clue what this was.

Even at the jobs I worked at (one of them was a kitchen hand!), everyone was cliquey. Either they knew each other from before or they related on different social circles outside of work. That left me to go to lunch and spend week-ends alone.

As humans we always long for company and a sense of community. I really wanted to have friends and enjoy my time was everyone did.

I tried joining online social groups but by the end of the meetings, it was just me left sitting alone. 

I mean i'm good with people and all that, but it's just how it is – the market pays you either financially or with attention depending on what VALUE you are offering.

I started looking for stuff to do online and everything I found either meant I needed a skill or a lot of time, money, and effort. None of which I had.

But one day...

A roommate suggested that at their work, they we're looking for models. 

... I did NOT know the first thing about modeling. And I did not want to end up doing things that would embarrass me and even alienate me from people. I basically did not want people to think I am a nutcase.

I knew I had to learn this stuff. After all, It was the ONLY thing I could do without any skill set and that would take the least amount of time. 

... I watched some YouTube videos of how to pose and walk in a sexy way and all that.

Naturally when you start searching, the advertising gods will start sending you relevant messages.

I kept seeing this ad about a 'modelling course'. And just like most people, I ignored it for over a week. Eventually, I took the plunge and bought the modelling course.

It was much easier than I thought, and it ONLY took me about 8 weeks to actually get signed as a model. And by week three I had already been invited to my first VIP launch party!

I now knew how to pose for photos and how to dress, and my name started getting out. After the graduation I was quickly signed by a modelling company and went on to become one of the most recognized faces in the Melbourne modelling scene.


Man... I look hot in this picture! ;)

​Before I knew it, I was brushing shoulders with the A-list and I really did not have to do anything to get those invites.

But the best thing​?

I'm using those skills and connections to further my digital marketing business to greater heights. I get invited to celebrity parties and some of them have become my clients.

I guess the ONLY downside is that I now have to actually show up to all these events, and to be honest with you – it really is time​-consuming, the other night I had 3 events all happening in different parts of town.

... And ALL I wanted is to stay home and play with my daughter and chill with my wife!

​The Secret of My 6-Figure Digital Marketing Business

​All of this wasn't going to be possible without the help of my mentor Steve Brossman (marketing coach & consultant) who helped me create a ''4-Step'' Blueprint that covers the whole process of running a successful Digital Online Business.

My mentor and friend Steve Brossman

I then plugged into my business.

The result?

A profitable and enjoyable 6-Figure Digital Marketing Agency.

But do you know what else?

I spent more than $7,000 to learn this ''4-step'' blueprint.

Yes, it is expensive I know. But it was more than worth it!

Today, you're in luck because I will teach you the ''4-step'' blueprint – so that you too can start, scale, and grow your own successful, profitable, and enjoyable digital online business.

​... for ONLY $4,000!


Nah, don't worry I'm just kidding, it's just too much.​ I know, haha!

Because I want you to improve your life and because I'm commi​tted to your success, you'll not pay even half of that. 

​I will teach you the ''4-step'' blueprint for FREE!


I wish I could do that, but just like they say, we've got bills to pay too.

I will teach you the ''4-Step'' Blueprint for as low as I can get away with before my wife beats me up.



The first step of the process is understanding your target market, and getting inside the minds of your target customer so that you can understand their needs, wants, desires. 


I will show you a simple strategy that will help you engage your customers and alter their perception of your authority, so that they can see you as an expert in your field.


I will teach you the art and science of converting your website visitors into paying customers. And 'Why' you should never sell to your customers.


You'll learn the most effective marketing strategies that will help get your customers to buy from you again and again without having to explain yourself every time you're trying to sell something. They'll be happy to buy from you.

This Is What You'll Get When You Buy The Blueprint + 30-Day Email Seminar 

4 Video Courses and 30 Highly-Actionable Emails that will help you build & grow a successful digital online business.
Step #1 of the blueprint

In this video, you'll discover the 1st step of the blueprint that will help you attract the right kind of customer to your online business that is more likely to buy from you.

Step #3 of the blueprint

In this video, you'll discover the secret to turning website visitors into paying (and loyal) customers, and how to solve their unmet needs and problems.

Step #2 of the blueprint

In this video, you'll learn how to engage your customers using a powerful psychological trick, and how to position yourself as an authority in your field.

Step #4 of the blueprint

In this video, you'll learn how to stay inside the mind of your customers and how to get them to keep buying your products using a powerful scientific principle.

Are YOU ready to start taking your Digital Online Business to the next level?

What People are Saying...

Steve BrossmanMarketing Coach & Consultant

Prosper is very successful because he learns, implements and builds. He acknowledges people who helping along the way and that is a sign of confidence. Like most people I work with he had many pieces of the jigsaw already floating around, but it wasn't until we pulled it together into his now famous blueprint that people had a very clear picture of how he can help them. Now he is out there helping so many more people and I've told him that I'll be proud to say "I knew him when..."

Isis LeeorInstagram Marketer

I was impressed by the generosity and skill Prosper offered in his coaching session. You can definitely feel his commitment and enthusiasm! I am walking away from this with the intent to start a whole new marketing campaign via Instagram. I'm also brainstorming new language that will reach an audience looking to resolve their pain with a specific outcome I can provide.

Steve ScarnieCustomer Service Specialist

Hey Prosper, I just want to take the time to thank you for coaching me over the last 2 weeks. You've inspired me to take massive action & model your example. Your knowledge & understanding about business processes is like no other. You provide people with the tools & resources necessary to excel in their business & help people see things in a more empowering way. The best thing about it is you make your steps easy & practical & not too complex like other coaches sometimes do. Your work is nothing short of outstanding & you've helped give me the jolt I needed to take my business to the next level.

Jacob HandleyDigital Advertiser

I would really like to thank Prosper for his time, he really helped me set-up some AD's and taught me methods I wasn't even aware of, and I've been in marketing for some time, thanks again!

Samantha VidotSocial Media Manager

Prosper and I connected via Instagram and Facebook and he gave me some great tips to manage my social media account and also great tips for business overall. The attention rate has definitely increased. Thanks Prosper.

Brendon BestDigital Marketer

I would highly recommend Prosper and the stellar work he does at Livelong Digital. We connected through Instagram and since then have been able to meet up digitally to discuss business. He was quite energetic and passionate about what he did! There was definitely an instant connection!

Is this Course Right for You?

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  • Anyone who's looking to start a profitable online business
  • Anyone who's looking to grow their already-existing online business
  • Anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of running a successful Digital Online Business.
  • Anyone who is prepared to do the work required for growing an online business.


  • Anyone who's looking for a ''get rich quick'' product.
  • Anyone who's looking for fancy tricks and tactics that don't make any difference.
  • Anyone who can't invest in themselves and their future.
  • Anyone who doesn't want to lose their time, money and effort into growing an online business.


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